Artificial turf installation vancouver


Artficial turf Vancouver

We can install artificial turf that'll last you for years. 3 year workmanship installation warranty with an 10 year warranty on our products installed.

Our process

1. Dig out existing material (turf, soil, etc.) 4 inches deep, dispose.

2. Supply and install 4 inches of base material, leveled appropriately and compacted.

3. Supply and install our premium artificial turf

4. Cut seams, cut perimeter, glue seams, and nail down perimeter

5. Optional: add in-fill product (zeo fill or silica sand)

6. Power broom the grass surface and cleanup

7. You enjoy your new artificial turf lawn

Realistic artificial grass/turf

Since the inception of artificial turf, there has been many advances in technology since the astro-turf days. Today's artificial turf looks so real with brown thatch mixed in, that most of your neighbors wont even know your lawn is artificial unless you tell them. If you need an estimate, call us today and we can bring samples by so you can see for yourself.

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Variety of products available

Our preffered turf to install is Aspen turf. ( We have found this product is far superior than most products on the market, at a competitive price per sq ft.

Other products that are readily available include Bella Turf and Rymar Turf.

When it comes to installing your lawn, you can make the call on which product you would like us to install. We have installed over 100,000 sq ft of artificial turf just in the past 2 years.

Putting Greens

We can install and incorporate putting greens in your yard, see pictures above of actual work we've done. There are many options for artificial turf putting greens. Decisions you'll need to make are shape, size, how many holes, what colour flags, size of fringe. Bella Turf offers putting green kits, or we can custom make your artificial putting green.

Low Maintenance

No one can guarantee ZERO maintenance anything. Everything man-made requires some level of maintenance. But going with an artificial lawn, is as low maintenance as lawns can be. One to two times per year it is recommended to power broom or back-broom your artificial turf. Keep in mind, this product is plastic, not real. With heavy foot traffic areas, your artificial lawn can become compressed and will need manual persuasion to stick upright.

Easy to rake, leaf blow, you can vacuum (not recommended if you used in-fill) and hose down. Pet and children friendly. No more mud, cutting, no more over-seeding or fertilizing or having to water your dead lawn.