Cedar Fences

Need a new fence?

A new cedar fence will help provide privacy while providing a nice, clean backdrop for your gardens and landscape. We can provide you with a gorgeous new cedar fence, if you need a new fence and your current fence is rotten and falling down, call us today! 

Expansion & Contraction

We provide a 2-year limited guarantee on our workmanship for your new fence. This does not include warping or movement due to wood shrinkage or expansion. Throughout the year, wood absorbs water and expands in the rainy seasons and dries out in the summer and shrinks. This is why  T&G boards exist to prevent gaps in your panels.


Styles of cedar fence

  • Pre-fabricated cedar fence panels
  • Horizontal cedar fencing
  • Custom cedar fence
  • 4' high Picket fences
  • Cedar privacy lattice fence

Heights of fencing

 In Vancouver the maximum height for your fence is 6' in the backyard and 4' in the front yard. Unless you get a special permit issued by the city these are the heights in which we need to work within.

Benefits of cedar

Aside from the natural beauty and colour, cedar is the best wood for your fence. It is naturally rot resistant, you can paint or stain it, and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes for limitless design capabilities.

Pre-fabricated vs Custom

If you need a new cedar fence installation in Vancouver you can choose from pre-fabricated (pre-built) panels or custom build. There are limited styles to choose from with pre-fabricated but the possibilities are endless with a custom fence to suit your landscaping.