Strata landscape Maintenance in Vancouver


Weekly lawn program

Manicure the perfect lawn.

Weeding garden beds

Mechanically remove weeds. We don't use any pesticides for weed removal. The best, proven method, that saves the bees, is to do it the old fashioned way.

Hedge triming

Say good bye to that over-grown/shaggy eyesore of a hedge. Say hello to beautifully shaped garden beds and hedges. We are experiences in both the natural and manicured looks for hedging. Let us know what you strive for so we can make it a reality. Strata landscape maintenance in Vancouver, Condo landscape maintenance in Vancouver, Strata landscape maintenance in Richmond.


Running regular fertilizing programs for your plants and grass is important to the overall health of your landscape. We use slow-release fertilizers that provide nutrients to your lawn and gardens when the plants need it.

Aerating lawns

Aerating your lawn every Spring helps get air and nutrients deep into the soil and allows the lawn to breathe and grow better.

Edging sidewalks and garden beds

Creating a defined edge adds that extra love that shows a professional maintains your property. We use specialty tools to get that perfect edge for you every time.