Retaining walls vancouver

Pisa Lite


This product has a split face, similar to Allan Blocks, but is smaller 6" tall x 8" wide x 12" deep and is completely solid concrete instead of having a hollow centre, like Allan Block. Dry stack stones are all installed on a bed of compacted base.

Concrete garden walls


When you need extra strength or you like the look of concrete, we can form and pour concrete garden walls and retaining walls around your property.

Garden walls


Small garden wall stones are great for lining garden beds or patios to define an area and provide depth to your landscape.

Allan Block


Split face stones, come in a variety of colours and sizes. These Jumbo Allan Blocks are 18" wide x 8" tall x 12" deep and weigh almost 90 lbs per block. They are hollow in the center and are engineered for strength durability. Endless possibilities for design with Allan Block products.

Treated wood wall


Landscape ties, garden walls, pressure treated 4x6 or 6x6. Possibilities for wooden garden walls are endless. This style of garden wall or retaining wall is great for a project on a budget. Wood eventually rots and will need replacing eventually. retaining walls in Vancouver allan block wall installation in Vancouver allan block wall installation in Burnaby

Stone retaining garden walls


With so many products on the market, designs are endless for your garden wall project. Contact us today so we can help you design and plan your retaining wall or garden wall project.