Irrigation Lawn Sprinklers Vancouver

Installation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems in Vancouver

In-ground sprinkler systems can save you time and money if done right. At Terraform Construction, we guarantee your watering needs. As your gardens grow, so should your irrigation needs. Irrigation heads should be cleaned out once a year to ensure they're working properly. Regular adjustments need to be made as plants grow or your garden changes. We can help plan your irrigation system and come back for regular maintenance as well. Call us today for your, no obligation, consultation.

Your irrigation system should be blown out in the winter (winterization of the lines) to ensure there is no water left in the irrigation lines when it freezes. As you may remember from grade 8 science class, water expands when it freezes and can cause your irrigation lines to crack. The best prevention to this damage is to run air through the lines in October to get that water out. Come the Spring, we offer a Spring start-up. This is when you should turn your water back on, replace batteries (if required), and start up your irrigation system. We do a thorough walk through to make sure all the heads are working and spraying where they're supposed to be. Adjustments are made at this time, timers are set, and you should be good for the season. Repeat this process every year to keep your irrigation system running at it's highest performance level. Irrigation installation in Vancouver Irrigation repairs in Vancouver Irrigation installation in Burnaby